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Coffee Boy Owner

Dan heads up the team at Coffee Boy who are an ever expanding national brand. They currently sit at 4 sites from Leeds all the way up to Glasgow, with plans to open another 3 before the end of 2024.

From their inception in 2014, we have worked closely with them to create a brand which can compete on the high street with the likes of Starbucks and Costa.

The challenge of being a fast growing franchise is keeping your stores consistent and in uniform. This involves maliculous organisation to ensure a brand identity is recognisable and trusted.

Coffee Boy rely on us to guide them through the process of creating systems which work, with equipment which can keep up. As a family, we have had 5 hospitality venues over the last 20 years, which gives us the ability to understand different layouts, systems and needs of a site.

With Coffee Boy, we can adapt our skill set to accommodate a new site – wether its a mobile kiosk, a 90 seater cafe, or a fast paced city centre take out spot.


With numerous sites comes the responsibilityof being consistent throughout. Wether you’re grabbing a takeout in Glasgow, or working out of their beautiful space in Barnsley, the product must be the same.

Working with the Uk’s most sustainable Roaster on their state of the art 150kg roasters, we can ensure every cup is the same. Each roast goes through rigorous QA to maintain the consistency and quality at the standard orginally set. We’ve outsourced our roasting to this facility for the last 25 years through our businesses as we believe their processes deliver a product far superior than anything we could produce ourselves.

Not only did Coffee Boy need a product which was consistent, but also something solely theirs. Part of the service we offer is creating custom blends in custom packaging – at no extra cost. Coffee Boy’s blend comes hand in hand with a contract which gives them sole rights to this taste profile and blend, giving them the confidence to expand their brand knowing you can’t get a Coffee Boy coffee anywhere else.


Working with La Spaziale and Mahlkonig, we are able to offer the equipment required to take on any volume. For their Barnsley store, the team opted for 2x S40’s, an E80 for their House Blend, an Anfim P1 for their Decaf and Puq Press to ensure consistent tamping.

Having 2×2 group machines enables the team use both when busy, and only 1 during slow periods. If one breaks down, they are also still able to keep serving – something which a lot of people do not consider when choosing a 3 group or 4 group over this set up. Maintaining this equipment is a headache which you do not need as a franchise. At Coffee Brothers, we have a network of engineers who aim to get to breakdowns within 24hrs. We also have a stash of ‘life-saving’ machines and grinders at our HQ ready to plug in and play so you are never without the ability to serve.

Dan and his team also opted for a built in jug rinser, a stand alone water boiler and a filter machine on our free on loan speciality filter plan.

This enables each site to serve a new Speciality Seasonal filter coffee every 3 months chosen and cupped by us, without having to invest in the equipment to serve it.

With each new site we look at the space, estimated
footfall and budget to determine which equipment package we put in to get the best out of the site.


Being a franchise comes with a new challenge – comparison.
Going up against the likes of Costa and Starbucks, Coffee Boy has to be inventive on products other than coffee.

We not only supply all the ingredients needed for their extensive range in one weekly delivery, but we also work on new ideas with them and suggest new drinks.

Coffee Boy are able to tap into our network and see what other café’s are doing to ensure there are keeping up with the current trends.

They use the vast majority of products we offer, from matcha powders down to wooden stirrers.

Being a one stop shop supplier, we have over 350 different products in stock which continue to grow as we meet new suppliers and brands to build our offering. Working with people we connect with, we can stock their products knowing they not only do good for the planet, but work across the UK market. Our aim is to build a library of products we love and trust so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Bespoke is something we specialise in, ask us about custom branded products to add your own brand.


Coffee Boy’s sites vary in shape and size. Ranging from a single container style build, a drive thru, to a 90 cover site with inside and outside seating. With different formats comes the challenge of having to have different systems and work flow’s in place to ensure the consistency and standards are still met.

At CB’s we have the experience and knowledge to advise on preferred machine placement, plumbing and electrics. This is extremely beneficial when Coffee Boy are opening new venue to ensure no restructuring is
needed at a later date.

A highly overlooked stage when building a new project is the way in which an order flows. This is from the customer entering the building to the
drink/food being delivered.

If you choose table service for example, the staff will interact on average 5 times with that table. Whereas counter service only will lead to 1 interaction. Coffee Boy know this and have adapted their
systems across different sites to get the best out of the space.


We understand what it means to be a partnership. Coffee Boy have come to us because they need our help and expertise to grow the business.

We work very closely with them on all new projects and within the current sites. A lot of time goes into creating a training structure which works – offering 3 different training courses – Basic, Latte Art and Advanced Skills. This ensures all staff working on the machines are at a level which we can all be proud of. Spending more time with managers of the technical side of equipment, coffee knowledge and implementing their training to new starters.

To all customers we offer support with social media content seen in this brochure, working with @ElevateCreative to capture your projects and bring them to life. For Coffee Boy this has given them a video which they can show new franchisees a working site and a bank of images for media

Promo material can be a headache, which is why we take care of this. Bespoke branded digital artwork, Posters, table toppers, stickers and much more all included.

We even created a snazzy online ordering platform which enables managers to order same day delivery (before 9am) sor all our customers. With this linking straight to our accounting platform, you can simply add to basket and we will do the rest.

Oh, and everything discussed is free of charge… we value doing more for you to grow your business. It’s what we come to work for!


Watch the video for a full recap of everything we do here at coffee brothers.


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