Spaziale S40

La Spaziale S40 Suprema 2 is the ultimate, top-of-the-range espresso solution.

The technicians set themselves goals. Combining functionality with high-class aesthetics and elegance, the S40 Selectron is a technologically superior machine whose components interact with extreme precision, guided by the state of the art electronics.

La Spaziale S40 Suprema 2 Group Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine is fully automatic with four programmable dose controls per Group and a manual free flow override function available on most high-quality commercial coffee machines. Most choices these days are automatic. However, there is the semi-automatic Elettrik free-flow version if required. As well as standard height, the Suopis are available in Takeaway Height (T.A.). Machines come in 2 – 4 Groups with 10, 15 and 20 Litre Boilers respectively.

Many of the various optional build extras are standard on the S40 range. The only one not included as standard is adding a third fully automatic foaming Steam Arm with an adjustable temperature control cut-off. It also comes in a multitude of colours.
La Spaziale S40 Suprema 2 Group Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine is a high-end commercial coffee machine capable of delivering vast amounts of coffee in a very short period, so it is ideal for coffee shops, cafes and restaurants looking to serve customers their coffee fast.
Thanks to La Spaziale’s STEAM heat exchange system, the S40 retains temperature no matter how hard it is pushed.



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What does a rental package include?

Rental packages include:

  • 36 months parts and labour warranty
  • Scheduled annual machine and grinder service
  • Annual water filter exchange (excludes upgraded Brita Systems)
  • Fully inclusive breakdown cover (excludes staff misuse and scale-related issues)
  • Staff training with our qualified barista trainers


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