Spaziale S9

State-of-the-art technology with simplicity and practicality for an exceptional, user-friendly brewing experience.

The La Spaziale S9 2 Group Semi-Automatic combines state-of-the-art technology with simplicity and practicality for an exceptional, user-friendly brewing experience. Although it’s compact, this market-leading machine is well built, hard-working and will bring innovation and productivity to your coffee business.

Constructed of durable stainless steel panelling, The S9 is an elegant, yet modern machine that features control levers, programmable buttons, as well as an LED display for controlling your options. Worth noting, the S9 includes the same features and functions as the S8, but the S8 offers rotary knobs as opposed to the S9’s control levers. Additionally, the S9 comes equipped with high-quality convenience features such as, a dual gauge display for boiler pressure and pump pressure, automatic/semi-automatic dose settings, an electronic boiler refill, electronic boiler temperature regulation, and an automatic operating temperature boost function.

One of the most unique elements of the S9 is its utilization of La Spaziale’s patented steam control heat exchange system. Instead of running cold water through the boiler, the heat exchanger sits on top of the boiler and is fed by steam. La Spaziale argues that when cold water is added to a typical system, the temperature of the entire unit drops, which can negatively impact your espresso results. Since it creates additional temperature stability, La Spaziale’s steam fed system is considered to be a more effective method of heating.



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Rental packages include:

  • 36 months parts and labour warranty
  • Scheduled annual machine and grinder service
  • Annual water filter exchange (excludes upgraded Brita Systems)
  • Fully inclusive breakdown cover (excludes staff misuse and scale-related issues)
  • Staff training with our qualified barista trainers


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